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You Must Be A Really Old Website If? - Orleans Marketing Group

You Must Be A Really Old Website If?

Recently, I was speaking to a group of business owners about website design and when I mentioned the term “old website”, someone asked me “how can you tell if it’s an old website?”. At first I chuckled, and then realized he was serious, so I went on to explain some of the attributes of older websites. While doing so it kind of brought me down memory lane of websites from years past. Maybe I’m alone, but I really enjoy coming across old websites… and not just because it is an opportunity for me. It’s amazing to think how far sites have progressed over the past few decades and will be interesting to see what websites look like in the future.

In honor of Jeff Foxworthy, I thought I would have a little fun with this.

You must be an old website if?

  1. …it has an animated gif of a burning torch.
  2. …it has a link to a MSN chat room….
  3. …it has a red/green flashing .gif anywhere on the site….
  4. …two words: BLINK TAGS.
  5. …its url starts with www.geocities.com
  6. …it says “Best Viewed in the newest version of NCSA Mosaic (Lynx users won’t see the picture)!”
  7. …it has “Breaking news: HTML 1.1 compliant”
  8. …it recommends using a modern browser like Internet Explorer 5 or Netscape.
  9. …it asks you to install Shockwave, so you can punch the monkey.
  10. …it advertises Lotus 1-2-3….
  11. …the webpage has an gif icon of a mailbox to email the webmaster
  12. …it states best viewed in 256 colors”
  13. …it touts Netscape for OS/2 as “NEW!”
  14. …it’s written almost COMPLETELY IN CAPSLOCK.
  15. … it advertises a contest from the early 90’s
  16. …it plays Diablo music upon entry
  17. …its last entry is from 1997
  18. …most of its banners and images are broken
  19. …every image on the site rotates.
  20. …they refer to AltaVista in the present tense.
  21. …you found it through a web ring.
  22. …says “Best viewed in IBM WebExplorer.”
  23. …it has a scrolling marquee.
  24. …it forces you to enter the site through a splash page.
  25. …every single link on the page ‘404s.
  26. …it brags about having 1,000 hits.
  27. …it says “best viewed in 800×600.”
  28. …your eyes start burning from the bright text colors and background.
  29. …it has a button link to download Macromedia Flash.
  30. …it asks you to bookmark the site.
  31. …you see a Netscape logo like it’s a professional badge of honor.
  32. …there’s a heavy usage of blink tags and rainbow gradient lines to separate text
  33. …it asks you to sign the guestbook.
  34. …it looks PERFECT on Internet Explorer 3.0.
  35. …there’s a hit counter that looks like a car mileage counter.
  36. …there are animated GIF’s plastered everywhere.
  37. …barely legible, loud, gaudy text on a background that looks like a 1970′s curtain.
  38. …it has any copy in Comic Sans.
  39. …it boasts “now listed in Lycos.”
  40. …it states “welcome to my web-site”
  41. …it has a rotating yellow “Under Construction” sign, signaling that the site will always be “under construction”.
  42. …there’s a link to a font that says “download this font to view the site as it should look”…
  43. …green, red, yellow, blue, and white text are used on a star field background image.
  44. …there’s a badge that says, “Made on a Mac”.
  45. …every button has a red arrow pointing to it.
  46. …there are centered links within paragraphs labelled “Click here”.
  47. …everything is in Times New Roman.
  48. …the copyright date is in the 1990s.
  49. …it explains that “WWW” means “World Wide Web” and describes what hyperlinks are… on the main page.
  50. …it says “Best viewed with Mosiac or Arachne.”


Below are some screenshots of old web-sites that are still up and kicking on the world wide web 🙂 Click on them to visit the site.

Old-Websites_Examples_01 Old-Websites_Examples_02a
Old-Websites_Examples_03 Old-Websites_Examples_04
Old-Websites_Examples_05 Old-Websites_Examples_06

Eventhough it may be pretty cool to have an old website, it’s probably not helping your business. If you need a new website or your website needs a facelift, contact us today at 866-906-4056.

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