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Who's Using Social Media? - Orleans Marketing Group

Who’s Using Social Media?

Who are the biggest social media users, and, after top social site Facebook, what are the most popular networks? A new study from Pew Research Center looks at those questions.

It should come as no surprise, but a study by Pew Research Center in the 4Q/2012 found that the most active social media users are women aged 18 to 29. A astounding 67 percent of all Internet users employ Facebook, and Twitter is especially appealing to adults in the 18 to 29-year-old category.

Pinterest is used most by women, adults under 50, whites and those with some college education. Tumblr appeals most to adults in that prime 18 to 29 demo, as does Instagram. Tumblr also fares well with African-Americans, Latinos, women and urban residents.

Who is the 2nd most popular social media network?

But second place is a different matter. 16% use Twitter, a rate which has doubled since November of 2010 (See Who Uses Twitter 2010), and 15% are on Pinterest. Photo-sharing network Instagram comes close, with 13% of respondents in this particular study saying they use it.

The largest gender gap of any popular social network is Pinterest where women are about 5x more likely to be active than men. 13% of Net surfers share pictures on Instagram, which is tied with Twitter and Pinterest (considering the report’s margin of error). By contrast, the micro-blogging site Tumblr is used by only 6% of those online.

Hispanics are the most active user of social networks than any other ethnic group with 72%. In 2nd place is non Hispanic African Americans at 68%, while non Hispanic whites are not far behind at 65%.The younger the age group, the more active the user. 83% of 18 to 29-year-olds are social users. This percentage falls about 20 points for each major age group and reaches its lowest percentage at 32% for those 65 and older.

African-Americans and Latinos use Twitter and Instagram as a percentage more than any other ethnic group. White women under the age of 50 are the largest fans of Pinterest’s.

Social Activity by Education Levels

Interestingly, social media involvement is practically equal for all levels of education and all levels of income. The only exception are those earning under $30,000/year, who are about 6% more active.71% of urban residents use social media compared to 67% of suburbanites, and 61% of those who reside in rural areas.

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