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How would you define a successful web presence?

It’s a question I’ve asked prospective clients hundreds of times and I’m sure it’s no surprise that the answers I receive vary greatly.  More sales, new leads, added traffic, greater exposure, more impressions, are some of more common answers, but at the core they all want the same thing.   They want success.  It’s what we all want.  The differences in each of the answers lie in how we define or interpret success online.  As a web consultant, I believe there are three Critical Success Factors (CFS) we must confront to achieve success. They are as follows:

1. Getting Found:  the old saying location, location, location applies to the internet just as it applies to running a brick and mortar business. Getting found must be a key component of every company’s marketing efforts.  This may seem elementary, but new web based businesses open every day expecting success immediately after launch, without any thought or effort to getting found.  The right location drives traffic and traffic provides an opportunity for businesses to be successful.   However, it only provides you with an opportunity.  Remember, your best online competitors are located next door, across the street, two doors down, and so on.  What you do with this traffic is equally important.

2. User Friendly:  Ask yourself another simple question.  Once a prospect finds you online, what action do you want them to take? Do you want them to phone your office? Do you want them to complete an electronic form?  Do you want them to sign-up for your newsletter? Do you want them to purchase a product or service?  Your web developer needs to create pages with your prospective customers in mind.  Did you know a majority of internet users simply search the web to find a phone number?  How easy is it for them to find your phone number?  Is it listed at the top of every page?  Do you also have an electronic form that is easily accessible? Do you allow them to contact you via email, chat, Skype, etc.?  If you’re competing in the e-commerce arena, is it easy for your prospective customers to find your products/services.  If you offer a variety of products, are they categorized? Can your products be sorted by type, price, popularity, etc? Do you offer comparison charts of the products’ features and benefits? Are your products listed with rich content descriptions and quality images?  These are questions you need to answer before creating your presence.  Again, you must have your prospect in mind.  Creating pages that enable your visitors to easily navigate and find exactly what they want will place yourself one step closer to attaining success.

3. Proper Branding: People do business with websites that are credible.  If your site is poorly branded your prospects will not trust your site and therefore do business elsewhere. It’s that simple.  All of your SEO efforts of getting first page rankings, creating user-friendly content rich pages that make it easy for your prospects to obtain what they want will all be wasted if you don’t project the right image.  If they can’t trust you, they won’t buy from you.   Therefore, it’s essential for your online presence to have a certain look and feel. One that exhibits “professionalism” to your target market.

Remember, all three Critical Success Factors are intertwined and are equally important to achieving a successful web presence.

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