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How effective is your internet marketing strategy?


Where should you make adjustments to improve its effectiveness? How should you allocate your online marketing budget? Who is your potential audience? Are you invisible online?

The answers to these questions, and others, can be found by utilizing Web analytics. By monitoring web analytics you will understand the effectiveness of your online assets. The key is to ensure that the data obtained from web analytics is put to use by forming actionable recommendations for digital marketing campaigns and strategies.

As defined by the Web Analytics Association “Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing Web usage.” It is surprising how many businesses ignore the opportunity to utilize web metrics and measurements to improve the effectiveness of their digital marketing strategies.

Web analytics can be separated into two categories; onsite and offsite.

Onsite web analytics provides data related to a visitor’s actions while on a website, for example. Web analytics includes a vast array of data ranging from visitors, traffic and content. Simply put, onsite web analytics helps the site owner understand the visitor’s behavior once they have arrived at the site. While it is important to measure successful conversions on your site, it is equally important to know what is happening for those visitors who do not convert. Armed with this information adjustments and improvements can be made to the website to improve conversion and therefore achievement of the business goals.

Offsite web analytics provides data that provides an understanding of the search discoverability for a site. The data includes the number of pointers such as backlinks (links from other sites), reviews, traffic statistics, search traffic and demographics about a website’s audience.

More than just a hit counter

In the early days of the internet, webmasters would proudly display a hit counter on the home page of the site. This statistic is useless as it provides no insight into your visitors’ experience while at your site. You need to know more than just how many people came to the site. You want to know if visitors did what you wanted them to and if not, then did they bounce right out of the site? How long did they stay on the site? On a page? and What pages did they visit before leaving? This information gives helps you better understand your customer and how to engage them.

Web analytics are essential for any business with a web presence. Web metrics and measurements, utilized by OMG Internet Marketing, a digital marketing company serving the Orlando, FL and New Orleans, LA area, helps understand online traffic for the purpose of business and market research. By analyzing the data collected, strategies can be modified over time to improve the return on investment (ROI) of online marketing investments.

Businesses who make internet marketing investments should view web analytics as mandatory in order to have quantitative data to base their strategic marketing decisions on.

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