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Tweets rumbled faster than the Earthquakes Tremors - Orleans Marketing Group

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Tweets rumbled faster than the Earthquakes Tremors

Less than a few hours ago a 5.9 magnitude earthquake rocked Virginia causing buildings to mildly shake across the eastern seaboard. Astonishingly, a minute later tweets and posts began streaming in from all over the east coast several minutes before any news agency was able to report the quake. This has to be the quickest response that I’ve ever seen from such a disaster.

On Twitter, just a couple of minutes after the quake, the topic “Earthquake in DC” appeared on the list of top trends. Five minutes later, it was listed as the third most trending topic in the world! Within 15 minutes, “dcquake” was the #1 topic on Twitter and “A 5.9″ was listed at #7.

The remarkable speed that information travels is a unique feature of social media and demonstrates just how viral and powerful it is in our society today.

Were the effects of the quake felt in your community?

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