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Targeted Marketing Services in Orlando and New Orleans

OMG Marketing applies audience research and targeting technology to deliver your messages to the people who matter to your business.

At OMG Marketing, we identify your target audience by their location, demographics and online consumer behaviors, then send them your strategic messages across high-traffic sites and apps, email and direct mail. Our team monitors active campaigns daily and provides you with analytics reports to ensure that your campaign is performing at its best. Basically it’s a 3 tier campaign.
Banner (Display) Advertising. We identify your potential customers by their online behaviors and where they are — city, state, zip code or even the building they’re in — and ensure that your banners are seen across the sites, social media platforms and apps they’re browsing.
Email Marketing. Find your people, and land your message directly in their inboxes. The OMG Marketing team works with you to create, design, and launch compelling content, then delivers your emails to an extensive list of recipients generated and tailored for your business.
Direct Mail. When combined with digital strategies, direct mail is an excellent way to extend your campaign and nudge consumers toward a purchase. Our team handles the whole process for you — messaging, design, printing and mailing.

Capture Your Leads

Keeping your message in front of the people who’ve visited your site or clicked on your email is key to landing their online business. We retarget these interested consumers for you, follow them across the web and invite them back to your site.
Did you know? Businesses that don’t retarget only see 8% of visitors come back, while those that do are rewarded with 26% who return to purchase!
Site Re-targeting. Most consumers who visit your (or any) website leave without taking action. We follow your prospects, remind them of your brand and encourage them to come back.
Re-targeting from emails. You know an interested prospect if they’ve clicked on your email. To ensure these hot leads don’t cool, we present your ads as they browse social media or any of thousands of other sites across the web.
Re-targeting with snail mail. We qualify your leads through email, then follow up with a direct mail campaign. Sending a postcard to the people who’ve opened your email message increases your opportunity for conversion.
OMG Marketing direct mail campaigns are soup to nuts, including messaging, design, printing and mailing.


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