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Pretty Cool New Feature in Google Maps which Provides Precise Distances - Orleans Marketing Group

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Pretty Cool New Feature in Google Maps which Provides Precise Distances

This week Google launched a pretty cool update to Google Maps that enables users to measure the precise distance between 2 or more of points on a map. Google announced this new feature on their Google+ page Tuesday afternoon stating, “Perfectionists, rejoice! The new #GoogleMaps for desktop lets you click and drag to measure your next road trip, bike ride or run—even if you’re taking a few sharp turns.”

Although it’s only available currently on their desktop version of Maps, it is something that many users have been wanting for some time now.

In the past, when a user searched for directions, Google Maps displayed only the distance from location A to location B in a straight line. However, the route in most cases is never a straight line so that actual distance traveled is usually much further. Now, this new feature enables users to obtain the exact distance along the exact route.

This new feature is also great for fitness enthusiasts who want to create their own walking, running or cycling path containing numerous twists and turns along the route. Now users can easily obtain a precise exercise route. Google took it a step further by creating a route in the shape of a character to illustrate its new feature). many completely different places. Finally, you’ll read the full distance between your points in Maps’ search bar within the prime hand corner of the page.

In Google Maps, right-click on any point on your map, and select “measure distance.” Then click on another point on the map to create your path. Now you will be able to see the precise distance between the two points. Additionally, users can select multiple points on map to measure the distances between each of the different points. Finally, you can view the total distance between all of your points in the Maps’ search bar at the top left-hand corner of the page. Like I said earlier, pretty cool!

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