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Online Video Marketing

According to eMarketer,  over the next few years the online video advertising market will experience phenomenal growth. They estimate that video advertising  spend will increase to $1.5 billion by the end of the year, which is almost a 50% increase over 2009.  Even more astonishing, video advertising will continue to grow and by 2014 it will reach $5.5 billion.

Why is online video advertising so compelling?  Consumers are spending more time than ever before watching video online.  In fact, those surveyed ages 18-25 spend equal time viewing online videos as  they do television.  Additionally, unlike other forms of internet marketing, video better enables marketers to brand their products and services.  It includes the benefits of television with motion and sound, yet is able to target and measure like other online marketing methods.  Additionally, advertisers are becoming more open and encouraged because the quality of video continues to rise as technology continues to improve.  Online advertisers understand that in order to increase viewership, video quality is a key component.

However, quality is not the only factor to expanding the audience.  There are still a few other negative factors that are turning audiences away from video, which is why video advertising, albeit has phenomenal growth expectations, still represents  a modest 6% of the entire online marketing spend in 2010. Nearly one-third of those polled said they perceived downloading video to be either too expensive or were put off by the length of time it requires to load/view.

We are still in the infancy period of video advertising, but as each year passes we the quality and length of online video content continues to increase at a very rapid pace.  Additionally, the tools to access, consume, manage,  and even share this content is becoming extraordinarily sophisticated as well.  One thing is certain, as we move forward there are fundamental changes to the way we consume video.  Viewers want an on-demand experience with their one-to-one device in high quality and at lightning speeds.  Online Advertisers know that as each day passes the technology gap lessens and the opportunities increases.

Five Online Video Marketing Tips for every Business

  1. Create Your Own Channel – Customize
  2. Multiple short videos are better than one long video
  3. Only People with Personality should be in your video
  4. Be Consistent with your Branding
  5. Wisely choose your content – URL in First 30 characters

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