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Online Reputation: Something to Think About - Orleans Marketing Group

Online Reputation: Something to Think About

A recent study by Microsoft stated that 75% of head hunters, recruiters, and HR professionals in the U.S. report that their companies require them to investigate their candidate’s reputation online. The sources they are using to obtain information on applicants include search engines, social networking sites, photo sharing sites, video sharing sites, blogs, Twitter, and online gaming sites. Amazingly, 70% of these recruiters report that they’ve denied candidates because of the negative information found on the internet such as photos, videos, online conversations, and memberships to groups that are considered divisive and/or controversial.

Research has shown that consumers are using industry specific keywords in search engines to find the services and products of interest online. After that, they are using specific business names along with keywords such as ‘reviews’, ‘complaints’, ‘comments’, etc. to find more information as it relates to a company’s reputation online. This is a huge change in how consumers search online from just a few short years ago. Additionally, internet users are sharing more and more information about their experiences through online conversations with contacts in their social networks.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It goes without saying that the technological advances of our day are creating a wealth of opportunities for us to improve the quality of life on earth. Nonetheless, it is also creating a new set of extraordinary threats to our privacy.Facebook, which as of this writing has more than 1/2 billion members, shares more than 25 billion pieces of content each month. Twitter has nearly 150 million users, with nearly 300,000 registered apps , and shares more than 1 billion tweets per month. The Library of Congress has recently announced that it will be acquiring, and forever storing, the complete archive of public Twitter posts since 2006.

Our Mistakes are Here to Stay

In today’s rapidly changing digital world, we are only starting to comprehend the consequences of what we say and what others say about us online. In the past, our errors or the errors of others may have been seen or even heard, but not digitally recorded into a permanent space. As humans we are created to overlook our mistakes as well as the mistakes of others. But today, it’s practically impossible to escape these errs. The fact that so much is documented permanently also makes it that much harder for us to not only forget, but also to forgive one’s mistakes.If you are anywhere near my age, you grew up in an era of tolerance. We were given multiple chances to make good on our mistakes. We had the opportunities to correct the wrongs, and for all practical purposes, effectively remove the errs from our memory as well as the memories of others. But, in today’s voyeuristic world, the opportunities to escape our personal blooper reel is infinitesimal . Truth be told, because of the world in which we live, your most visible moments could very well be your most embarrassing moments.

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