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What is Video Marketing?


Video marketing can take a good product and turn it into a phenomenon.

Take, for instance, Old Spice Body Wash. Once the province of grandpas everywhere, Old Spice has reinvented itself as a hip, popular soap alternative thanks largely to commercials and videos staring the Old Spice Guy.

The Old Spice Guy began life in a series of surrealist television commercials. Last year, the phenomenon exploded with a series of web-only videos posted to YouTube. According to marketing research firms, sales of Old Spice body wash increased by more than 100 percent following this spate of video marketing.

How To Do Video Marketing

Video marketing is an extremely effective method of conveying your message, while also being relatively inexpensive. Article marketing presented through videos offers you the chance to begin a truly dynamic customer interaction.

Videos provide you with the opportunity to put a human face on your business and form the beginnings of a personal bond with your customers. Thanks to the near-ubiquitous presence of computers in the home and office, and the rise of internet-enabled smart phones, your videos can be seen just about anywhere.

The addition of video will greatly enhance any website articles you’ve posted. Instead of only words, you have the opportunity to actually show the process or product to potential customers. This content marketing strategy can change the face of how you do business.

Why Use Video to Market your Business?

  • The combination of sight, sound and color leads to excellent recall. People like watching videos, so they search for them online.
  • Search engines now look for relevant videos in response to a search – in fact video can be one of the fastest ways to get to the top of the search engine results!
  • Video makes your website “sticky” and encourages people to interact with it – which leads to more conversions.
  • Use video to get you message across in ways words alone just won’t do! For example, include product demonstrations, “how to” guides, company history, customer testimonials

Video Marketing Services in New Orleans, LA and Orlando, FL

OMG offers a complete video marketing service. Our video specialists can help you write the script, shoot the video and then host it on your website. Because of the relatively low-definition rates of internet-based video, your marketing video can be shot on camcorder in a short period of time.

Once shot and edited, video can be embedded in a page on your website or uploaded to social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and many others. The video also can be sent out to smart phones, such as the Droid or iPhone, for even more exposure.


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