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Pay Per Click Advertising - Orleans Marketing Group

Paid Search Advertising Campaign Optimization and Management

PPCMake the most of your marketing budget by investing in effective paid search advertising management from OMG. OMG can expand your marketing spend and draw in qualified traffic that converts with advanced Pay-Per-Click strategies.

Powerful Pay-Per-Click Management from OMG Includes:

  • Researching keyword volume and competitiveness
  • Crafting powerful ad text
  • Evaluating landing page effectiveness
  • Structuring the entire consumer experience to convert more clicks into sales.

Start Getting Leads Through PPC Marketing Today… Contact OMG for a Free Consultation When pursuing top rankings for keywords that are vital to sales and lead generation for your business, sometimes you can’t cover all of the phrases you want with search engine optimization alone. You also might have stiff competition from sites like national chains or government sites with hundreds of pages and thousands of inbound links.

You can work on beating them out in organic search. But if you need to rank TODAY, you need paid search advertising to give you a boost and give you the instant traffic that is vital to your business.

Paid Search Management vs. DIY

Trying to start and maintain your own PPC advertising accounts can be tempting. Google AdWords is open to everyone, and many businesses do manage their own campaigns. But at what price? Search engines that offer paid advertising are happy to take your money for every keyword you bid on; they won’t offer guidance in how to cut costs and choose more effective phrases. In fact, Google imposes a Quality Score for your ads, and will charge you more for a poorly organized campaign.

With professional paid search marketing services, you’ll get a finely-tuned campaign and monthly management that aims to increase your conversions over time.OMGROI has maintained pay-per-click accounts for dozens of clients, over several years, learning what works and what doesn’t. Part of our job is to stay informed on developments in search engines and paid advertising, and we apply this current knowledge to your campaign.

If you’re busy running your business and don’t have time to learn and work a side career in search marketing, call OMGROI! You focus on your business while we worry about getting you more leads.

Contact us today to learn more about managed pay-per-click opportunities from a OMG Paid Search Marketing Specialist.


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