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Online Lead Generation Using Facebook Advertising

Summary: Find out how WSI is using Facebook advertising to help clients market their services within specific vertical niches

Most businesses are familiar with Facebook basics…how to build a page, post content and get Likes. Businesses who have been on Facebook for a while may also be familiar with boosting posts and buying Likes using Facebook ads.

However, many businesses are starting to experiment with using Facebook ads for lead generation using the various features available within the Power Editor.

Facebook’s advertising features which allows you to carefully select the audience you’d like to see your ads. Facebook allows you to target by demographic, by location as well as by interest.

The Power of Interest Targeting

Interest targeting is perhaps the most powerful tool Facebook advertising offers, but perhaps not in the way you might think.

Depending on your business, determining interests may be easy or difficult, but it’s an exercise that pays off in terms of ROI.

Interests to think about include:

  • Technology people in your niche like
  • Personalities people in your niche follow
  • Associations people in your niche join
  • Publications people in your niche follow

Recent Case Study

Here is an example of a recent campaign we managed for another marketing agency which is targeting new leads from the pest control industry.

Campaign components we built include:

SEO Optimized website page:  http://mywsiconsultant.com/pest-control-marketing

PPC Landing Pages for Facebook advertising with marketing automation funnels setup:



This campaign is off to a fast start…the average cost per click is well under $1 for the Facebook ads compared to $20+ per click for Google AdWords. Also the campaign has generated 9 leads in the first 21 days!

Contact OMG for Facebook Marketing

If you would like to find out how to leverage Facebook advertising for your business, contact us today at OMG for a free initial consultation.

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