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OMG! Marketing Launches New Website for Robin's Wharf Seafood Restaurant - Orleans Marketing Group

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  • OMG! Marketing Launches New Website for Robin’s Wharf Seafood Restaurant

OMG! Marketing Launches New Website for Robin’s Wharf Seafood Restaurant

Robin’s Wharf Seafood Restaurant | www.robinswharf.com

Slidell, Louisiana | Dec. 19, 2017: OMG! Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of the newly created website solution for Robin’s Wharf Seafood Restaurant. 

About Robin’s Wharf Seafood Restaurant | Slidell, Louisiana

Our story begins in the marsh and bayous around Yscloskey, La. in lower St. Bernard Parish in the mid 50’s. The late “Doogie” Robin and his family decided to take the seafood business to a new level. Much hard work and the influx of hundreds of boats visiting the wharf each day to sell their fish shrimp and crabs, along with acquiring over 30,000 plus acres of oyster reefs, ROBIN SEAFOOD is now recognized as one of the premier leaders in the seafood business.

Today over 60 years later, Robin Seafood is highly sought after by many restaurants from po-boy shops to 5-star fine dining restaurants. We supply their kitchens with a bounty of seafood that is found in the waters of south Louisiana. The demand not only comes from the local outlets, but throughout the Gulf Coast and up and down the Eastern seaboard.

Recently after many years in the seafood industry, Chris Robin made the decision to venture out into a new chapter of his life. Without hesitation he acquired The Dock Restaurant, located on beautiful Lake Pontchartrain’s Northshore. Within a blink of an eye, the restaurant was re-named Robin’s Wharf Dockside Seafood Restaurant and has become the flagship restaurant in his quest to build a new business empire. Then in October 2017 the second restaurant was opened in Uptown New Orleans at 3629 Prytania Street.

From the beginning Chris called upon his cousin, Darrin Robin, a successful restaurateur who returned home after Katrina from a 20-year ownership of the Showboat Marina and Restaurant in Huntington, West Virginia.

Next longtime family friend, successful business man and local entrepreneur, Arthur Gutierrez, IV joined forces with them to form a partnership that has put together the frame work for what has become known as Robin’s Wharf Seafood Restaurants.

In summing up, it is the mission of these three gentlemen to always serve the highest quality and freshest seafood that any restaurant can serve. The majority of their seafood will come directly from the Wharf’s of Robin Seafood.

As Chris has been heard to say man times ……

“Our Seafood is so Fresh…
It Slept in the Lake Last Night”

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