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OMG! Marketing, LLC Launches New Website for Thompson Farms - Orleans Marketing Group

OMG! Marketing, LLC Launches New Website for Thompson Farms

Orlando, FL – OMG! Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of the newly created ecommerce solution and website for Thompson Farms.

About Thompson Farms Smokehouse: In the early 1930’s Raymond Thompson and his father began farming in southern Brooks County, Georgia. Their goal was to grow top quality produce for the surrounding areas. Continuing the tradition of a family owned farm, and fulfilling a lifelong dream, Andrew Thompson along with Raymond opened Thompson Farms Smokehouse.

Thompson Farms OMG


Thompson Farms provides their customers with an all-natural pork product with a superior flavor. Their meat is healthier than similar products offered in large markets and retail stores. They meticulously select the breeding stock to insure this quality.

Granddaddy Raymond’s knowledge and passion of carefully butchering, smoking or old fashioned salt curing ensure that you will enjoy quality natural pork.

Thompson Farms Process: At Thompson’s Farms, they’re dedicated to providing customers with all natural products from their farm. They process their meat twice per week to offer the freshest products possible.
Their shipping process ensures that you obtain the freshest product available, allowing you to enjoy their great-tasting, all natural pork the way nature intended. They ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesday via UPS. Before shipping, they package the products in a cooler complete with ice packs for optimal freshness. When you order before noon on Wednesdays, your order will arrive at your shipping address within 48 hours (note they do not ship to post office boxes).

However, due to the uniqueness of their business and their commitment to completely fresh products, any order placed after noon on Wednesday will be shipped the following Monday.With Thompson’s Farm, you get all natural, fresh products on time, every time – from their farm to your family’s table.

For more information about Thompson Farms contact 229-263-9074. If you would like to place an order visit ThompsonFarms.com or Call 866-463-9218.

Thompson Farms Smokehouse
2538 Dixie Road

Dixie, GA 31629

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