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OMG Marketing, LLC Launches New Website for FreedomTax Accounting - Orleans Marketing Group

OMG Marketing, LLC Launches New Website for FreedomTax Accounting

FreedomTax Accounting| www.FreedomTaxAccounting.com

Winter Park, FL Nov 13, 2012: OMG! Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of the newly created website for FreedomTaxAccounting.com.

FreedomTaxAccounting |1016 E. Osceola Parkway|Kissimmee, Fl 34744

Starting a business during an economic downturn is not something you see every day, but by God’s grace is how FreedomTax Accounting was started. We felt it was our mission to honor God with the talents and skills we have been given. Our founders embarked on opening a full service accounting and tax resolution firm that didn’t just merely offer tax and business services, but to create a professional environment that honors God, and a place filled with peace and genuine care for the lives of the individuals that entered our office doors. Each staff member has different talents and resources to offer businesses that are starting up, or just for anyone looking for help.

Our founders are Julian Vasquez and his wife Irma Vasquez. After 10 years of accounting and tax experience in another CPA firm in Central Florida, they opened FreedomTax Accounting in 2008 going door to door to get work. It wasn’t easy, but God’s favor allowed them to open a location, and within the first year expanded to an office double the size of their first location.

At the present time, FreedomTax Accounting is grateful for God’s favor and grace that has allowed them to prosper in these tough economic times. Already, plans are being made to acquire 50% more office space at their current location, and opening a second office location in Orlando. At FreedomTax Accounting, we are always reviewing our services to better serve our clients and community.

Our Mission

FreedomTax Accounting is committed to providing professional, accurate and comprehensive services to our community. We feel a vested interest in our client’s success and prosperity, both financial and spiritual. Our staff is comprised of people who exemplify the values we hold in high esteem; honesty, knowledge, integrity, and compassion, thereby ensuring the best possible service to every client, every time.

To learn more about OMG Marketing, LLC and the services we provide please contact us at (866) 906-4056.

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