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OMG! Marketing, LLC Launches New Website for Civilian Girl Juices - Orleans Marketing Group

OMG! Marketing, LLC Launches New Website for Civilian Girl Juices

Civilian Girl Juices | www.civiliangirljuices.com

Winter Park, FL | Sept. 1, 2016: OMG! Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of the newly created website solution for Robin’s Wharf Seafood Restaurant.

About Civilian Girl Juices | Winter Park, FL

Our Mission:

Our primary focus and objective resides in the quality of the product and commitment to delivering a uniquely delicious taste that is produced right here in the United States (home of the brave). We stand behind our brand and strive to give our customers the best that we have to offer. It’s also a great pleasure to support our men and women who serve our country!!

Our beginning:
Starting this company had blossomed from the idea of people in our personal lives who struggled to stop smoking cigarettes. They were looking for an alternative option and we were happy to take that journey with them. Through this journey we discovered the vaping community and began sampling several e liquids from other companies. During that process we began experimenting with different blends in the chase for the perfect recipe with premium ingredients that would create the ultimate vape experience! We believe that we’ve reached that goal, but we encourage you to try us out and judge for yourself.

Development of the brand:
We wanted a unique brand that represented our interests and passions in life. So, we looked inside of ourselves and examined not just our own interests and passions but what was also important to us. What we value and respect! The company’s name was soon born. This name and theme were created as a tribute and thanks to all of the men and women who serve our country.. We want to show our support and put the thought of our troops into the forefront of people’s minds. We have a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude for the sacrifice given by these men and women.
Although, there is no gesture that could ever be enough, that certainly will not detour us from doing something no matter how small it may seem. That is why we also donate to the wounded warrior project and have been sending care packages through anysoldier.com since 2012. Both of which are wonderful and outstanding organization’s.

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