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OMG Marketing Launches New Website for The Local Butcher and Market - Orleans Marketing Group

OMG Marketing Launches New Website for The Local Butcher and Market

The Local Butcher and Market | www.localbutherandmarket.com

Winter Park, Florida | August 17, 2018: OMG! Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of the newly created website solution for The Local Butcher and Market.

Gourment market with two locations in Winter Park, FL and Winter Springs, FL known for meats, also offering seafood, produce, groceries & prepared foods.

The Local Butcher & Market in Winter Park, FL. Started by a local family who saw the need to bring back the art of the local butcher shop and family grocery to Winter Park. Our strong commitment to our community is the backbone of the brand. Sourcing the finest local products wherever possible propelled them to become a well-recognized and highly regarded member of the Central Florida community.

In addition to offering their customers a wide selection of premium meats, poultry, veal, pork, exotic meats and Boar’s Head Deli products, their full service butcher shop carries more than 100 varieties of wine from around the world, fine cheeses, fresh produce, breads, side dishes, desserts, pastries and other gourmet grocery items to make every meal memorable and delicious.

The Local Butcher and Market in Winter Garden, FL. Their goal is to make your life as simple as turning on the grill and enjoying more time with family and friends. Each location features local vendors with regional favorites. From homemade desserts to prepared meals, they have everything you need to create a magnificent lunch, dinner or catered event. Simply put, they’re the market that makes you amazing! The company was built around marinades and high-quality proteins, hospitality and modern conveniences. Their marinated steak tips have become legendary!

So stop in, say hello and check out their premium, hand-cut-to-order meats that are prime and choice – Only the Best! Or check out their exotic meats, all-natural chicken, turkey, pork, lamb and homemade sausages. You’ll even find grass-fed beef, organic meats, and American Kobe Waygu beef from Snake River Farms in Idaho. If you don’t see it, just ask for it. If they don’t have it in stock, they can get it for you.

Their educated staff will guide you in everything from the choosing right cut to providing cooking instructions and recipes. Not sure what pairs perfectly with the protein? Their butchers offer meal-building advice and will hand-select your produce, grains and even dessert from their market.


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