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OMG Launches New Website for Vania Valdo - Orleans Marketing Group

OMG Launches New Website for Vania Valdo

Vania Valdo | www.vaniavaldo.com

Kissimmee, Florida | January 20, 2019: OMG! Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of the newly created website solution for Vania Valdo.

When Vania Valdo would look into the face of one of her patients as an orthodontic surgeon, she didn’t just see the scientific aspects of the fine, careful operations needed. Instead, she felt a frenetic, artistic energy to find perfect harmony in the shapes and proportions.

That energy is what led Vania to trade her scalpel for a paintbrush, leaving behind her career as a surgeon for the world of art. Now, Vania’s work embodies that perfect balance and speaks of her experiences, from her career in science to her creative upbringing.

Before her success as an artist, Vania practiced as an orthodontic and functional orthopedic jaw specialist. She eventually became one of the leading voices in Brazil’s health sector. It was a comfortable life—but Vania could not ignore her creative passion.

She left the career she worked so hard for to pursue her art. It paid off quickly—her first exhibition was at the Salon des Beaux Arts at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. Since then, she has had exhibits all around the world including in Miami, Nova Iorque, Italy, Vienna and Slovakia. Vania was awarded with an elite artist visa to bring her work to the U.S.

But Vania’s artistic gifts did not come entirely naturally. Vania was born in the city of São Caetano do Sul, state of São Paulo, in Brazil to Wilma Lizidatti Valdo and Adhemar Valdo. Her formal education and her upbringing there gave her many of the values and traits that make up the strong personality she has today, but she also absorbed the creativity she found at home. There, her mother transformed every room, using everyday objects to decorate in striking and unusual ways.

All of these experiences speak to Vania’s art today. Her style is characterized by harmony. Rather than create work inspired by conceptual beauty, she focuses on creating perfect proportion in her acrylic and oil paintings. The skills of precision and attention to detail she gained as a surgeon is evident in all of her expressive paintings, as is the inventiveness she learned as a child.

Vania uses her experienced hands to create art that simultaneously shows calculated control and emotion, in perfect balance.

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