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OMG Launches New Website for The CEO Ride - Orleans Marketing Group

OMG Launches New Website for The CEO Ride

The CEO Ride | www.theceoride.com

March 04, 2019: OMG! Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of the newly created website solution for The CEO Ride.

The CEO Ride is a business experience like no other and the reason to ride is right in our mission statement—we’d rather ride our motorcycles thinking about business than sit in a conference room thinking about our motorcycles.

The ride offers a once-in-a-lifetime immersive experience with bucket-list destinations and the chance to form new lifelong friendships with fellow business executives.

The age of conferences with someone talking at you is over. Your fellow riders are going to be talking to you and talking you through the issues you’re having with your business—because they’ve been there.

We ride together, we share meals, we talk—and over the three or four days, we become closer than some groups do in months. With the CEO Ride, you gain a group of like-minded individuals you actually want to belong to.
So who is the CEO Ride for? It’s for any successful entrepreneur who is ready to open up in a confidential, collegial environment to network, combine talents to solve problems, refine goals and develop breakthrough ideas.

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