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NORAD vs. GOOGLE: Which Santa Tracker Jingles Bells? - Orleans Marketing Group

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NORAD vs. GOOGLE: Which Santa Tracker Jingles Bells?

Flying Under the Radar is out of the question nowadays for Santa Claus!

Santa Claus is coming to town and what a better way to see what he’s up to then to track him!

It’s the final countdown until Christmas Eve. Only 8 more days until Ho! Ho! Ho! in the big red suit will be making his way to houses all over the world! Media coverage will be in a frenzy!!

Since Santa http://www.viagragenericoes24.com/efectos-secundarios-de-viagra-en-jovenes is such a big celebrity, his every move is monitored and reported. Every household that is connected to the internet will be searching for St. Nick’s flight progress come this Christmas Eve, so Santa Trackers are in high gear!

For the past 60 years NORAD, North American Aerospace Defense Command, has been keeping everyone informed of Santa’s movements. This year, along with its corporate contributors Microsoft and Bing, NORAD has once again launched its time honored tradition through its NORAD Santa Tracker program. But wait a minute!  The search engine giant Google has also launched its Santa-tracking site as well.

Now you have two prominent trackers for finding out jolly old St. Nick’s progress coming this Christmas Eve!

Which one are you going to choose?  Which site provides the best intel on where and when Kris Kringle will make his appearance? Let’s consider the options that each site provides so you can make an informed Santa-tracking decision.

The Final Countdown! (queue the song by Europe)

NORAD Santa Tracker

NORAD has both apps and a website. It has an official app for Windows 8, and offers apps for Android, IOS, and Windows Phone. Its app is a little more limited, however the website is full of wonderful Christmas things for kids to explore and learn about along with tracking Santa’s Christmas Eve progress. Also featured is the NORAD headquarters located in the North Pole Village, a tour of the North Pole, as well as highlights of the program over the last six decades. Included with the official countdown clock, there is Christmas music from the U.S. Air Force Academy band, a library featuring history about the Claus’ and Christmas traditions around the world, videos highlighting NORAD tracking Santa and a different game to play each day.

Google Santa Tracker

Google’s leading Santa tracker HQ

is browser-based, but also offers an app for Android smartphones and tablets which support Chromecast as well as a Chrome browser extension. It also offers app extension for Wear. The apps offer most of the exact activities available via the website. While Google is a somewhat newcomer to the Santa-tracking scene (2004), along with the official clock countdown, the site provides a visit to Santa’s village to explore a different game or video each day until Christmas. Kids are welcomed to prep with the elves, test weather conditions with the red-nosed Reindeer, skydive with Santa and learn about holiday traditions.

Santa Site Similarities and Differences

Both NORAD and Google provide Santa’s recent stops, Santa’s current location, his next destination, estimated number of gifts delivered and how close he is from your own location. It’s important to know that each site reports Santa at different places at the same time because they have their own “secret” way of tracking Santa. Not to mention, St. Nick is the most elusive person when it comes to his flight plan on Christmas Eve. Only the “elves and the reindeer” know his true flight path!!

The differences arise in each sites organization, animation and interaction. Both sites are interactive with games, videos, information etc. It seems NORAD is more organized and user friendly than Google. But on the other hand, Google’s content is more visually stimulating, cutting-edge, bright and easily captures your attention.

The Choice

In the end it is all up to you or in reality what type of technology is available to you. For us at OMG Marketing, there is no choice. I like them both. I like them for what they provide to all of us. A time to relish and treasure the innocence of our children and the joy this Christmas Season brings to everyone around the world. I like that it’s a time we can spend one on one with our children interacting “together” and not separately. I like that for one night, all of us no matter our station in life, color, creed or preference, come together to celebrate this season of love, peace, joy and acceptance of each other as one humanity. That’s the spirit of Christmas and the magic of Santa Claus. A universe united as one for the love of Christ in Christmas!

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