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One of the Fasting Growing Online Reputation Management Professional Networking Sites

Just about everyone, and I mean everyone, has searched for themselves online at one of the giant search engines. In fact, research has shown that people go to the internet to find information on other people 25-50 million times per day!  So, let me ask you, when you searched yourself online… did you like what you read?  Did you like what you saw? Truth is, the internet makes it extremely easy for reputations to be destroyed or seriously crippled. The good news is that you have the power to take action and do something about it.

The internet provides everyone with opportunities to control what’s being said about them online. Let me rephrase that: The internet allows everyone to manage what’s being said about them online.

There are dozens of sites (www.ClaimID.comwww.ReputationDefender.com, and www.LinkedIn.com to name a few) that can help you manage your online reputation, however one of the more recent and more successful social networking sites to do this is called “Naymz”.  Yes, that’s Naymz.com (I know, they misspelled Names really bad), but they do a great job of allowing users to manage their identity/reputation  as well as promoting services for people, groups, and businesses. Naymz.com is currently one of the fastest growing professional social networking sites around. They claim to have over 1 million members on their homepage, and according to the analytics tracking company Quantcast, Naymz is a top 5,000 web site that reaches over 860K monthly people, of which 392K (46%) are in the U.S. The site is also very popular among a more educated, 35-49, slightly more male than female, with a fairly wealthy audience.

For the purposes of Online Reputation Management (ORM), Naymz.com is a site I would recommend, however you must be aware of its strong and weak points.  Below are my top 2 reasons for signing up and my top 2 reasons for not signing up.


1. Power with Search Engines: Naymz hits a homerun.  They do an extremely good job of getting you ranked so that you can better manage your online reputation.  This will enable you push all the other web mentions down.  This is the NUMBER 1 reason to sign up for Naymes.com.

2. Online Reputation Management (ORM) – Naymz scans social networks and blogs, allowing you to better manage what’s being said about your identity


1. Anonymous recommendations: This one is a double edge sword because it’s easier to obtain recommendations anonymously, however the value of such a recommendation is not worth very much.

2. Visitor Tracking: To me this is a hard one to swallow.  Visitors that pay for the premium service in Naymz will get to see who visited their profile. No offense, but I don’t want the user to see that I’ve visited his profile.

Finally, I would be remiss if I failed to mention that while Naymz boasts that it has over 1 million users, its biggest competitor, LinkedIn is 45 times larger with much greater name recognition as the leader in Professional Networking.

Now you have the facts. It’s ultimately up to you whether or not you want to start networking and manage your online reputation with Naymz.com.

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