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MLS Redesigns its Website - Orleans Marketing Group

MLS Redesigns its Website

After several months of non-stop work, the MLS Digital team has essentially created a new website, even though they have just redesigned and re-launched the MLSsoccer.com website. The focus of the new design was obviously on enhancing the visitor’s experience, however there were five specific areas that they addressed.

1. The Highest Priority is Content

With an understanding of content management, the MLS Digital team has allowed the articles to speak volumes by simplifying the categories and removing from the home page the sections that were less than popular. They also eliminated many of the visuals that cluttered the site and have reduced the size of the icons enabling them to add more stories on the page.

2. Fresh new look. Clean and Contemporary

The website design of the home page now provides more flexibility. The MLS digital team can feature the news of the day with the large image when the news of the day is warrants it, or scale it back when there are multiple top stories during the day. Bottom line, there is plenty of flexibility and visitors will see a plethora of layouts over time. The website also promises to keep up with the latest in web design trends using typography, whitespace, and edges to create simple, yet beautiful pages.

3. Analytics Matter – Latest News

I suppose clicks equal votes so the Latest News will be their visitor’s lead section on the homepage. In the past the Latest News was featured less predominantly in their sidebar, but their online analytics revealed that the latest news was extraordinarily popular. Also, they will be adding videos and blog posts to this feed as well.

4. Social Media is Important

As long as a story is being actively discussed on social media, it will remain front page news. The MLS digital team understands that even though a sporting event or story may seem to expire, if their fans are still communicating about it online, than it will continue to be displayed on the home page.

5. Shout-out to its Contributors

The MLS digital team wants to continue to foster the relationships between its fans and their contributors. They believe it’s important to dedicate space for fans to easily connect with their contributors and continue to develop relationships with its newer visitors.

From what I’ve heard, MLS will be rolling out a variety of new products, services, and content this year. Also, if you are a web developer who may be interested in working at MLS Digital, they are hiring!
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