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How Does Your Website Look on your Mobile Device? - Orleans Marketing Group

How Does Your Website Look on your Mobile Device?

How many times have you visited a website from your cell phone only to find that the site isn’t formatted properly for cell phones? Well, it’s one of the greatest frustrations of mobile users while surfing the web. The solution is to closely monitor the number of visitors accessing your website via mobile devices. As you probably know, the mobile internet is exploding.

Today, mobile users’ expectations for a quality browsing experience is continuously increasing. Your visitors expect your website to be mobile friendly, and if it’s not they will go elsewhere.

It’s not too late. At least for now if your website is not mobile ready, the silver lining is that you’re actually in pretty good company. I say that respectfully because more than 70% of the top 1,000 websites rated by Alexa, do not perform well on mobiles devices. More than 80% of the top 500,000 websites don’t perform well, and incredibly of the 240 million websites worldwide, 98.75% do not perform well on a mobile device.

Mobile Friendly Website vs. Mobile Version of Website

Mobile Friendly Websites – Having a mobile friendly site for most businesses is an improvement, however the problem with mobile friendly websites is that most were created to be viewed on desktop PCs and navigated with a point and click mouse. Mobile users want their browsing experience to include the use of the basic functions of their phone, and since most visitors have larger fingers, condensing the site to fit on mobile devices is not providing your visitor with a comfortable user experience.

Mobile Version Websites – A mobile version is a website that is specifically designed for optimum performance when viewed on a small mobile device. Since there is a huge difference in the screen size of a mobile device compared to a computer, it only makes sense to change the look and feel of the site when viewed on a mobile device. Additionally, a mobile users purpose for surfing the internet is much different than someone surfing on a desktop PC. Creating a mobile version of your website addresses both of these striking differences.

Creating a Competitive Advantage

Creating a mobile version of your website enables you to connect better with your customers wherever they are at any given time. In today’s digital world, interacting with your customers is crucial to building long-term relationships. Investing in a mobile version website sends a message to your customers that you care and to your prospects that you are an modern company that believes in technology, thus enhancing your image within your industry.

The mobile web is growing at a phenomenal pace, and it’s forecasted to surpass the desktop web in 2014. By 2014 more users will access the internet using a mobile phone than a PC.

Did you know we create mobile version websites as low as $349? For more information about mobile version websites contact us today.

To learn more about OMG Marketing and the services we provide please contact us at (866) 906-4056.

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