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Google Penguin 3.0 is on its way for 2014 - Orleans Marketing Group

Google Penguin 3.0 is on its way for 2014

We are just three weeks away from going an entire year since the fifth (and last) update to Google’s Penguin algorithm, code-named Penguin 2.1. For Search Engine Marketers who were negatively affected by the penalizing algorithm, let’s just say it has been a bit more than painful.

Again, if you’ve been affected, I’m sure by now you’ve cleaned up your links and have been waiting patiently hoping your businesses can survive to see the anticipated lift when Google unleashes the next Penguin update.

Although there has been very little good news to this point, however Google’s John Mueller stated in a Google Hangout on Friday that he expects Penguin 3.0, to occur this year. In fact, John stated, “I am pretty confident we will have something in the reasonable future.”

Okay, I know many of you are rightfully pessimistic at this point about what ‘reasonable future’ means to Google, however we now know for sure it will happen within the next 3 months and probably sooner than later.

Over the past year, many of us thought we were seeing a Penguin update but we have been told by Google they were not Penguin updates. In all likelihood they were in the process of testing Penguin updates in the live index, but not launching the update.

We have learned that the upcoming Penguin 3.0 should be a massive update, making their algorithm more capable of running more frequently (similar to how the Panda update runs on a monthly basis) so that those who have been impacted would not have to wait so long before seeing a refresh.

It probably goes without saying that Google has faced numerous challenges with this update, however with all of the buzz it appears that we are now getting to a point where we will see a refresh of Penguin very soon.

For more on Penguin, see Search Engine Land’s Penguin update category. If you need help getting your company found on Google contact us at OMG today!

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