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Facebook Insights Gets a Facelift - Orleans Marketing Group

Facebook Insights Gets a Facelift

Up until recently, the vast majority of useful measurable data was only available via Facebook’s clumsy, difficult-to-navigate spreadsheet files that often buried key metrics.

Fortunately, about a month ago Facebook Insights received a facelift.  The greatest benefit for Social Media Marketing managers is that Facebook now provides data that is presented in simple, easy to understand graphs, which are also very dynamic and even customizable.  If you are not sure if you have the new metrics, look in your Insights section and there will probably be a link that states, “Check out the new Facebook Insights”.

Facebook Insights now has four tabs in its navigation.  These tabbed sections include Overview, Page, Posts and People. Below is a breakdown of each section.


On the Overview page it displays a 7 day snapshot of the most important activity on your Page.  It illustrates your fan base has grown over time and how people are connecting with your Page. You can also compare the performance of all your posts and learn more about your fans and the people who like, comment and share your posts.

Page Likes:

On this page you will see how your audiences  audience is growing over time.  View  how many times your Page was liked and unliked each day and learn where your likes are coming from.  In other words, you can actually see the various locations on Facebook where people are clicking the “Like” button/link to connect to your Page.

Understand Your Reach

One recent change with Facebook Story Bump is the posts with the most likes, comments and shares now are displayed at the top of News Feeds and are being viewed by more people. On the flip side, posts that are hidden, reported as spam or cause people to unlike your Page are now reaching fewer people.

If you notice a spike or dip, look at what you posted that day to see how and why you influenced your reach so you can learn and continue to improve your reach.

Analyze Post Performance

A critical piece of creating optimum content for your page is better understanding how people respond to your posts. Now with all of the data in one location you can view  your best and worst performing posts.  These charts will make it much easier to see where you are having success and where you need help.

Learn More About Your Fans

I’m sure in both sales and services you’ve heard the expression “know your audience”.  Well Insights lets you visualize how your fans are alike and how they are different.

Insights provides the common traits of the people who like and comment and share you posts.  You will also see where the people who like your page are located and what language they speak.

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