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E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is exactly as it sounds. It’s a form of marketing that uses electric mail to communicate messages to viewers. There are three types of email marketing.

  • Direct email:

    Direct email is when someone sends an email for the purpose of promoting something. It might be an announcement of a special offer, a new product, or a new service. This type of email is aimed at acquiring new customers or convincing existing customers to take action. Most direct mails are sent to a targeted distribution list. These lists are either built internally or purchased by a service provider. Most lists are broken down by geography, demographics, buying trends, etc.

  • Retention email:

    Unlike direct mail, where the primary purpose is to promote something, retention email focuses on providing valuable information that aims to entertain and engage its readers. A newsletter is a good example of retention email. Again, the focal point of the newsletter is to share information that encourages customer loyalty and repeat business, however there could be a promotion or special included within the newsletter.

  • Advertising in an outsider’s emails:

    Purchasing ad space on an outsider’s published newsletter can be a valuable form of advertising if you can find the right partner that is targeting a comparable market . An example of this would be for a home appraiser purchasing advertising space on a well respected home real-estate company’s newsletter. There are a few different types of newsletters, including those that are created merely to sell ad space to others. When advertising in newsletters, it is important for the ad to standout and include some form of call-to-action.

Marketers in 2009 spent more than $600 million on e-mail marketing and yet it is an extremely cost-effective way to communicate to your customers or prospective customers. With a limited investment, it provides marketers the ability to act quickly, evaluate results, and boost their campaign’s performance over any given period. Sending out a quality email is important, however it is also extremely important to have a quality distribution list. A targeted list as mentioned earlier is important, however the list should be consent based and verified. This will dramatically improve the open rate as well as the response and return on your investment.

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