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Customized eCommerce Store Launched for Custom Hinge Manufacturer - Orleans Marketing Group

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Customized eCommerce Store Launched for Custom Hinge Manufacturer

Companies are always trying to create a competitive edge and find news to generate incremental revenue. One of the more common strategies companies use to accomplish these objectives is to create an ecommerce solution.

For many companies, creating an ecommerce solution can be pretty straightforward. However, for others it can be pretty complex and a bit overwhelming. A company who sells t-shirts, hats, or any other commonly used product can be relatively simple. All one has to do is set up their products using generic categories such as colors, sizes, and prices and they’re off and running. However, some of our clients, especially custom manufacturers, need an ecommerce solution that involves multi-layered features because their products don’t necessarily fit into any standard categories. Additionally, when selling custom products the shipping function can also be very tricky as we have to configure shipping costs based on variables such as size, shape and weight which can vary dramatically.

Currently, our team manages numerous ecommerce stores for various types of manufacturers, however this new project involved some interesting and unique customization as it relates to how we present the products and how we price the products.

Introducing – Dynamic Price/Option Selection

Making it Easier to Shop Online – Shoppers Select the Options They Want!

One of the distinctive features for this new online store is the ability to select your desired product by choosing from a variety of product features all on one screen!

As you make each selection, it narrows down the products available, and not only displays a price, but also displays a detailed product drawing and part number.

This type of “dynamic” selection allows users the ability to select what they want from a single screen without having to navigate to similar products.

Below is an example of a standard ecommerce product page for industrial hinges

Smarter Options Gives Shoppers Product Options

As an example, let’s say that you’re searching for a continuous hinge. After searching the internet, there is a strong likelihood that you will end up attempting to navigate through a site that is very similar to the one illustrated above.

Or, you can select a smarter option by visiting https://store.midlake.com/.

After selecting the material thickness and the open width within the Continuous Hinges area, you’re then offered numerous choices for other options such as knuckle length, pin diameter and open length all on a single page.

Product Options:

Additionally, there’s a feature that allows visitors to reset if they get lost within the tool. Click the Reset Options link and start over.

Once a product is selected, the cart will display the product’s pricing, part number, and amazingly a downloadable PDF with the schematics of the product (which engineers love).

By customizing this ecommerce solution it allows shoppers to select from more than 30 products on a single screen, which is a HUGE improvement over the traditional ecommerce solutions that are being offered by most website developers.

We’re very excited to have partnered with WSI on this incredible project. The online store was launched earlier this week and we will post an update once we’ve received feedback from visitors who have shopped and purchased products.

Congratulations to the good people at Midlake Products for continuously thinking outside the box and putting their great ideas to the ultimate test!

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