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Twitter Marketing Orlando

Twitter’s 140 Character Limit is Undergoing Some Tweaks

Today the San Francisco social networking company, Twitter Inc. announced that that it was making some minor tweaks to its microblogging service over the next few months. In a blog post today, Senior Product Manager, Todd Sherman announced “over the past decade, Twitter’s Tweet has evolved from a simple 140-character text message to a rich

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#myNYPD Twitter Hashtag – Photo Request Backfires – Guess Why?

Social media is an unbelievably powerful marketing tool, but yesterday’s NYPD’s Twitter campaign is a great example of how social media can quickly backfire if you have critics and create a campaign that lacks control. The NYPD social media marketing team had all the right intentions to create some positive PR by asking its Twitter

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Twitter Marketing Orlando

Twitter Changes – Faster and Simpler

Learn it once The new tab menu is the same across all devices. So you get the same experience on mobile and desktop—anywhere, anytime. Know where to go A simpler design lets you get what you need faster. Easily view your Twitter stats, get suggestions on who to follow and see trending topics—all with one

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Tweets rumbled faster than the Earthquakes Tremors

Less than a few hours ago a 5.9 magnitude earthquake rocked Virginia causing buildings to mildly shake across the eastern seaboard. Astonishingly, a minute later tweets and posts began streaming in from all over the east coast several minutes before any news agency was able to report the quake. This has to be the quickest

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Ad Revenues at Twitter Expected to Skyrocket over the next 24 months

Marketers will spend $150 million in 2011 and $250 million in 2012 Over the past 12 months Twitter has generated quite a buzz in the media and has become a household name. However, only 8% of Americans use the highly talked about social platform. So is it just hype? Not according to eMarketer who expects

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