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Reputation Management Archives - Orleans Marketing Group

Does Your Company Understand the Value of Online Reviews?

TripAdvisor may have been one of the earliest to offer a platform for online reviews, but it’s no longer the only option for consumers. Yelp, consumer associations, and company websites all offer product and services reviews, although 33% of Americans say search engines are their starting point for finding recommendations. 25% of consumers say they

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Online Reviews: Managing Your Company’s Online Reputation

There are dozens of local online business directories that allow consumers the ability to write reviews about their experiences with businesses. These directories enable users to not only express themselves, but to quickly and effectively reach a large audience of consumers that are searching for services or goods related to that industry or business. Reviews

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New Tool that Measures Privacy Risk of Sharing Personal Information

On February 12, 2012 PrivateChoice, LLC launched a new website www.privacyscore.com that makes it possible for users to estimate, on a scale of 0 (worst) to 100 (best), the privacy risk associated with giving a website your personal and behavioral information. “Privacy risk”, according to PrivateChoice, is the chance that data about you will be

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Gaining Consumer Trust Online and Offline – eMarketer

Trust and credibility are the gold standards by which relationships are measured. This is true of personal relationships as well as connections between people and brands. The rise of social media has reinforced the importance of trust. Successful and enduring social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn are built on a foundation of trust and

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Online Reputation: Something to Think About

A recent study by Microsoft stated that 75% of head hunters, recruiters, and HR professionals in the U.S. report that their companies require them to investigate their candidate’s reputation online. The sources they are using to obtain information on applicants include search engines, social networking sites, photo sharing sites, video sharing sites, blogs, Twitter, and

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