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Real Time Bidding Spend Will Double in 2011

Publishers and in particularly Advertisers are becoming more aware of the benefits Real Time Bidding offers and therefore spending in this category is rising dramatically. The International Data Corporation, a premier global provider of market intelligence, is even predicting that RTB will expand to a $5 billion business by 2015. According to this forecast, US

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Display Advertising Market Continues to Boom

According to eMarketer, by the end of 2011 Facebook will surpass Yahoo! and become the #1 display advertising sales company in the country. It is projected that Facebook will grow its net display sales in the US by a whopping 80.9% to $2.19 billion. Unbelievably, this is actually a growth decline over the previous two

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Ten Really Bad Display Ad Placements

Some of these ads have been around for some time, but are still unpleasantly funny.  The over the top ads have been pulled, but still the ones listed here, let’s just say…tongue-in-cheek. Warning: If easily offended, don’t read any further. For those who can appreciate a bit of dark humor and can understand the importance

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