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Mobile Marketing Archives - Orleans Marketing Group

Mobile Video Views Continue to Rise

Over the past few years, at OMG Marketing, LLC we have been emphasizing to business owners and marketers the tremendous value of having a responsive website due to the explosion in internet usage among mobile users. In 2015, Mobile phones are also continuing to expand their share of mobile video traffic, and are responsible for

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Do I Need a Mobile Friendly Website?

Over the past few years we have been tirelessly preaching to marketers and business owners alike, the significance of having not just a website, but one that is considered “mobile-friendly” by Google. See the article I wrote last month which helps explain why Google Ranks Responsive Web Design Higher. There are several reasons why every

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Are You Using the Power of Mobile Marketing?

It’s no secret that the acceptance of mobile devices worldwide continues to expand. So it would only make sense for small business owners and marketers to start shifting at least a small portion of their marketing dollars from traditional mediums to the mobile marketing medium… right? Well, not quite. According to an April emarketer survey,

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How Does Your Website Look on your Mobile Device?

How many times have you visited a website from your cell phone only to find that the site isn’t formatted properly for cell phones? Well, it’s one of the greatest frustrations of mobile users while surfing the web. The solution is to closely monitor the number of visitors accessing your website via mobile devices. As

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10 Percent of Mobile Users Redeem Coupons

By 2013 one in three smart phone users will redeem mobile coupons. Mobile coupons represent just a small component of our digital promotions, however usage is expanding at a rapid pace. The activity of searching online for coupons surfaced as a widespread, money saving movement during the recession and with the proliferation of smart phone

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