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Blogging Archives - Orleans Marketing Group

Online Lead Generation Using Facebook Advertising

Summary: Find out how WSI is using Facebook advertising to help clients market their services within specific vertical niches Most businesses are familiar with Facebook basics…how to build a page, post content and get Likes. Businesses who have been on Facebook for a while may also be familiar with boosting posts and buying Likes using

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Why Companies are Blogging for Business

Over the past few years, there’s been a major shift in the perceived value of ‘Blogging for Business’ among marketing managers and business owners. While there are a number of reasons for this change, I think their motivation to start blogging can be attributed to the fact that they are beginning to understand the power

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How to increase your search engine rankings through blogging

Article written by WSI Internet Consultant Anton Koekemoer. Adding a blog to your business or personal website can boost your organic search engine results dramatically. This can help many websites that doesn’t have enough content on them, to get more traffic.blog adds regular fresh keyword rich content to your website – if you implement various

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Blog, Blogger, and Blogging

I’m sure even in 2010 not everyone fully understands what it is to create a blog, be a blogger, or to start blogging. So, I suppose I need to start by defining the word blog. Wiki tells us, in so many words that it can be defined as: online entries (commonly referred to as posts in the blog

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