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    Cross Media Marketing with the Hub and Spoke Model

    Today, like never before there are tremendous opportunities to market your business.  For many business owners, ‘Traditional Media’ or ‘Old Media’ is still the preferred option, however the internet, being the fastest growing media segment, is beginning consume, bite by bite, the budgets of marketers.  In fact, its common practice for businesses to set aside at

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    Young Mom’s Rule!

    Some staggering statistics were recently announced by eMarketer and WhyMomsRule regarding young moms and their internet and digital usage. An astounding 90.3% of women in the US with children under 18 in the house are online. Young moms are on Facebook at least 1 hour per day and are now communicating outside the sphere of

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    Twenty Little Known Facts about Google

    The very fact that you’re reading this post means that you are, in all probability, among the 63.5% of internet users that have chosen Google as your search provider.  But, how much do you know about the history of Google?  Where did they begin?  How did they get to where they are?  How do they provide such a wealth of information?  The

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    Ten Really Bad Display Ad Placements

    Some of these ads have been around for some time, but are still unpleasantly funny.  The over the top ads have been pulled, but still the ones listed here, let’s just say…tongue-in-cheek. Warning: If easily offended, don’t read any further. For those who can appreciate a bit of dark humor and can understand the importance

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    Online Reputation: Something to Think About

    A recent study by Microsoft stated that 75% of head hunters, recruiters, and HR professionals in the U.S. report that their companies require them to investigate their candidate’s reputation online. The sources they are using to obtain information on applicants include search engines, social networking sites, photo sharing sites, video sharing sites, blogs, Twitter, and

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