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    Facebook Introduces Graph Search

    Up until now Facebook’s search tool has been very simple and very limited. Enter the name of a person or a business and it locates their Facebook page. That’s about it. However, yesterday Facebook launched an improved new search tool called Graph Search. This sophisticated new search tool which is now in Beta will search

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    8 Useful Little Known Gmail Tips for Businesses

    If you’re like OMG Marketing Internet Marketing and Web Development and are using Google Apps Mail you already know that it can work wherever you work, it helps you save you time because of its speed and it makes it simple and easy to connect with others. However, with so many basic features and functions

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    OMG Marketing, LLC Launches New Website for Urgent Care MD

    Urgent Care MD| www.ucmd.com New Orleans, LA December 3, 2012: OMG is pleased to announce the launch of the newly created website for Urgent Care MD – UCMD.com. Urgent Care MD | Division 10 – Provide and Install Mission Statement As Emergency trained professionals, we strive to serve the community with accessible, affordable and quality

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    Social Media Revolution 2013

    Social Media Revolution 4 was written by international bestselling author and keynote speaker Erik Qualman. It’s part of a series of social media videos that are the most watched in the world. Erik thanks everyone for their ideas and support! The video produced by equalman productions. Enjoy. Social Media Statistics 2013 from Video Over 1

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    OMG Marketing, LLC Launches New Website for FreedomTax Accounting

    FreedomTax Accounting| www.FreedomTaxAccounting.com Winter Park, FL Nov 13, 2012: OMG! Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of the newly created website for FreedomTaxAccounting.com. FreedomTaxAccounting |1016 E. Osceola Parkway|Kissimmee, Fl 34744 Starting a business during an economic downturn is not something you see every day, but by God’s grace is how FreedomTax Accounting was started.

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