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Blog, Blogger, and Blogging

I’m sure even in 2010 not everyone fully understands what it is to create a blog, be a blogger, or to start blogging. So, I suppose I need to start by defining the word blog. Wiki tells us, in so many words that it can be defined as: online entries (commonly referred to as posts in the blog world) of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as video, images, and/or graphics. These posts are universally displayed with the most recent postings at the top of the blog page with the older posting at the bottom of the page. It also states that the word blogging is used as a verb, meaning to update or add information to a blog. However, I think you can better understand what it is to blog (or weblog, as it was referred to in its infancy) by stating that it is basically an online (personal or business) journal or diary. That’s it. It is a place for you to express yourself, share your passion, thoughts, advice, or anything else that you would like to say. Simply put, it is a means to express yourself online.

Like other internet technologies  blogs have their own terminology. As a novice to blogs, it would help to understand these basic terms. We’ve already discussed blog as a noun and that it was derived from web-log, however blog can also be used as a verb and is defined as to put in writing, to blog. To better understand, I will use in a sentence. She’s going to blog after she comes home from work. The next term to discuss is blogger. This is one who blogs…I know this is getting really complicated. Finally, the word blogging is a verb and it can be defined as the action of blogging.

Weblog was first coined in 1997, but its origins date back to early/mid 1990’s when the few bloggers of that time referred to themselves as online diarists, journalists, or journalers. These early bloggers were mostly professional writers who would merely keep a personal account of their lives. To the surprise of many, these early blogs began attracting interest and gaining an audience.

We blog for several reasons, In fact,  ProBlogger.net says that we blog for either money, fun, fame, business (valuable for improving a sites’ Search Engine Optimization), networking, or just because. However, today’s blogger is far less sophisticated. They are everyday people who consider blogging no more than a hobby. They are people who just want to be heard, and that’s human nature, right. There are no technical excuses. Just the fact that you are reading this blog automatically qualifies you to be able to create your own blog. There are numerous FREE blogging publishing tools on the web that provide great flexibility, and are very easy to use (even for a computer novice). Click here to view another blog that lists +40 FREE Blog Publishing Sites. (FYI: my site was created using WordPress).

Bloggers have an opportunity to reach the masses like never before, but it should be no secret that because of its popularity, blogging is also very competitive. Like any other platform, if you plan on attracting a large audience you will need to say something that people want to hear. This is a topic of itself and one that I will tackle in future posts. Now go out and start blogging!

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