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Awesome Google Search Tips and Tricks - Orleans Marketing Group

Awesome Google Search Tips and Tricks

If you’re like most Googlers you haven’t even scratched the surface when comes to searching on Google. You might even think you’re an expert, but I doubt you know every shortcut, tip or trick within their search bar. Below I’ve come up with a dozen simple Google tips to help save time and you just might impress your coworkers or boss.

1. Find a Page within a Website

Situation: You read a fascinating article about Drew Brees and one of his foundations on Nola.com, but you didn’t save or bookmark the link and you can’t remember the name or author of the article.

Solution: Type “site:” followed by the URL of the website you’d like to search. Then add your search terms.


2. Fill in the Blanks

Situation You’re trying to remember who the Secretary of Defense was in 2006 and who the President was at the time.

Solution: Enter your search terms using asterisks as replacements for the unknowns. Google will fill in the blanks with possibilities.


3. Find the Definition of a Word

The Scenario: You’re playing the game of Scrabble and one of your friends gets realllllllly creative. The word he places on the board is “abomasums”. That’s not a word… or is it? How do you find out quickly if it’s a word?

Solution: Type “define:” followed by the word you want and Google and it will take you straight to the definition (if there is one). Use the time you save to make smarter friends.


4. Search For Words In Exact Order

Situation: You would like to found out how a quote originated, but Google is displaying results that are not even remotely close to the correct answer.

Solution: Put your search phrase inside quotation marks.


5. Exclude Certain Words

Situation: You would like a Gumbo recipe but it cannot include “okra” in the list of ingredients.

Solution: After you enter your desired search terms, add a minus sign (-) followed by the words you would like to exclude.


6. Search Within A Range Of Prices

Situation: You’re interested in laptops that fall within a particular price range.

Solution: First type in your keyword term. Then separate the lowest and highest prices you’re willing to pay with two periods (..).

Price Range and Date Range

Note: This trick also works for dates, if you’re, say, looking for a news article published during a certain time.

7. Search By File Type

The Scenario: You need to create a PowerPoint presentation on Email Marketing Strategies for the Leadership team within your company. Wouldn’t it be great to see what others have created?

Solution: Search by file type to find other PowerPoints. Enter your search terms followed by “filetype:PPT.”

file type google

8. Set A Timer

Situation: You’re working on your computer and you need to pick up the kids from school. The last thing you want to do is forget them at school and receive that phone call saying that you forgot to pick them up.

Solution: Type “set timer for” into the search bar and a Google timer will appear as the first result. Enter the time you want in hours, minutes or seconds and start the timer. Make sure your volume is turned up and Google will start beeping at you when your time runs out.


9. Convert Currency

Situation: You’re planning a trip to England but you haven’t a clue how far your American dollars will get you in the United Kingdom.

Solution: Type in the name of your homeland’s currency and add “to” and then type in the name of the currency where you are traveling.


10. Do Math

Situation: Okay, so math is not your best or favorite subject, and you need a little help. You have a long winded math problem to solve and you desperately you’re looking for the easy way out.

Solution: Type the equation and amazingly Google will give you the answer on its very own calculator. Who said you weren’t good in math?


Bonus Tip: Make Google Flip Out

Okay, all of these tips and tricks were good, but would you really like to amaze your friends with your Googler abilities? Type “do a barrel roll” and hit enter.

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