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Why do we keep falling for the same Facebook Privacy Hoax

Were you one of the Facebook users to recently post the notice to your Facebook timeline proclaiming copyright ownership of all your content? If so, don’t feel too bad, you weren’t alone. In fact, millions of users fell for it… again. Yes, it’s a hoax. What’s amazing is that it’s basically the same hoax that

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Google’s Identity Change

Over the past 17 years Google has seen its share of changes and recently its been more of the same.   On August 10th Google unveiled a massive restructuring of the company and today Google has introduced a new logo. ‘New’ may be a bit strong, since the logo is still a wordmark and actually looks

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Customized eCommerce Store Launched for Custom Hinge Manufacturer

Companies are always trying to create a competitive edge and find news to generate incremental revenue. One of the more common strategies companies use to accomplish these objectives is to create an ecommerce solution. For many companies, creating an ecommerce solution can be pretty straightforward. However, for others it can be pretty complex and a

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Website Responsive Named One of the Top Trends that will Change the Way you do Business

According to an article published a few days ago in Mashable on Friday, Website Responsiveness will increase and become one of the top trends over the next 5 years and will change the way we do business. The business world is now using automated technologies such as Uber and Apple Pay to help improve customer experiences.  The

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Mobile Video Views Continue to Rise

Over the past few years, at OMG Marketing, LLC we have been emphasizing to business owners and marketers the tremendous value of having a responsive website due to the explosion in internet usage among mobile users. In 2015, Mobile phones are also continuing to expand their share of mobile video traffic, and are responsible for

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