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Are you using the power of video in your business?

If you have a business you have a story and of course every story needs an audience. So, how do you find that audience that will be most interested in your story and help your business grow? TrueView video ads are a great place to start. They’re a family of ad formats where you pay

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Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

In today’s digital world, imagery has a tremendous amount of power online. Social networks understand this power and have been redesigning their platforms to allow companies the ability to express themselves like never before. Virtually every social network including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, etc. allows companies to WOW their audience with large covers, profile images,

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MLS Redesigns its Website

After several months of non-stop work, the MLS Digital team has essentially created a new website, even though they have just redesigned and re-launched the MLSsoccer.com website. The focus of the new design was obviously on enhancing the visitor’s experience, however there were five specific areas that they addressed. 1. The Highest Priority is Content

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Social Media Revolution 2013

Social Media Revolution 4 was written by international bestselling author and keynote speaker Erik Qualman. It’s part of a series of social media videos that are the most watched in the world. Erik thanks everyone for their ideas and support! The video produced by equalman productions. Enjoy. Social Media Statistics 2013 from Video Over 1

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Five Essential Terms in our New Media-Marketplace

Real-Time Bidding (RTB). Much like trading, RTB is an internet marketing process of selling and buying online display advertising in real time one ad impression at a time. Each ad impression is sold off to the highest bidder in real-time, as user’s browser loads an ad unit. Ad buyers can be more selective and specific

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