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Are You Using the Power of Mobile Marketing? - Orleans Marketing Group

Are You Using the Power of Mobile Marketing?

It’s no secret that the acceptance of mobile devices worldwide continues to expand. So it would only make sense for small business owners and marketers to start shifting at least a small portion of their marketing dollars from traditional mediums to the mobile marketing medium… right? Well, not quite. According to an April emarketer survey, 55% of (SME) small to medium sized enterprises were including mobile in their marketing portfolio.

A Change is in the Air

So what about the 45% of business owners and marketers that are not using mobile in their marketing mix. Well, a change is in the air… 43% of them are planning to integrate mobile into their marketing campaigns over the next 12 months, and another 33% are planning to do so sometime after text next 12 months. Only one-quarter of all respondents had no plans of including mobile into their overall marketing portfolio.

The Relationship between Mobile and Social

Advertisers are understanding the value in targeting and developing relationships with mobile users because they are more affluent and far more active on social networks. In the past, mobile users connected with others by voice and text. Mobile social networks is merely an extension of that behavior. The benefit for businesses is the potential to leverage these social mediums for real-time, localized and viral communications and promotions.

More and more, SME’s are using social networks, in particular Facebook and Twitter, as a timely way to publish information, deals and coupons to consumers to access while on the go. Location-based targeting is an exclusive strategy that allows mobile users to communicate more effectively than other channels. Knowing where a mobile user is – whether it be in a store, with friends, at a restaurant or at the office – can help businesses know which content is most relevant to deliver to the consumer at that moment.

So what are the most common mobile marketing strategies being used today?

Mobile Optimization of Company Website : SME’s consider it a priority to optimize their company website for mobile users. Business owners and marketers alike understand that more and more visitors are using their smartphone to access the web. Most smart phone users now expect websites to be mobile friendly. If not, they will search for other business that have a website that are mobile friendly and offer the same/ or similar products and services. The other two mobile marketing strategies that are being deployed by businesses today are mobile apps and the use of QR codes.

Why Businesses are wanting to develop mobile apps?

Applications for Customers. Research has shown that that mobile applications provide consumers with a better overall experience as it relates to products and service offerings. As technology continues to rapidly evolve, the mobile phone will become the primary means of accessing the Internet. The creation of an app will also build a technology savvy reputation in the minds of your potential and existing customers. Mobile applications allow you to create a closer bond between you and your customers. With an app consumers feel as though your business is with them 24/7/365. Another benefit is that customer feedback is quicker and more genuine than conventional surveys and questionnaires.

Applications for Employees. Companies are also developing mobile applications for their employees. Businesses are using it as a effective tool for keeping their employees up to date with new company policies and procedures. There are so many different type of applications that are being developed today and many of them are designed to not only help to improve the productivity of employees, but also as an organization tool for human resources, finance, and sales and marketing departments.

QR Codes. Despite the fact that many consumers still don’t know how to use QR codes, many businesses are stepping up and integrating them into their traditional marketing efforts. The most common use is with print ads, brochures, pamphlets, and signage. Small business owners and marketer are using these QR codes to direct their audience to their social network pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Currently, mobile marketing represents on average between 1-3% of most marketing budgets, which is why it doesn’t get a tremendous amount of visibility. However, every month business owners and marketers are allocating more and more dollars to this marketing channel. According to eMarketer, mobile advertising in the US is expected to surpass $2.6 billion by the end of 2012, including spending on display, search and messaging-based formats.

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