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A Multi-Channel Approach to Online Marketing - Orleans Marketing Group

A Multi-Channel Approach to Online Marketing

Over the past few years most successful companies have learned to understand the value and importance of connecting and engaging with its fan base through various channels. Unfortunately, there are still many businesses that still haven’t figured it out.

In a recent study conducted by Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory company, 72% of consumers want to be engaged with an integrated marketing approach. However, sadly only 39% are actually receiving it. Google also found that consumers had 74% brand recall when the advertiser’s integrated strategy was carried across mobile, TV and online. So why is there such a disconnect?

Well, it because companies that are providing a multi-channel approach understand that conventional brands are rapidly evolving.

Consumers today are busier than ever before and are constantly inundated with content. So why is their demand for multi-channel marketing so high? The internet as a whole acts as the apparatus for engagement. However, in today’s rapidly changing digital world, there is no single channel that is capable handling all forms of digital interaction.

So for the brands that “get it”, all of their content and communications are funneled to multiple channels and then and sent out to select individual channels. As an example having a YouTube channel allows companies to share their demo videos, product previews, and tutorials. Google+ on the other hand, provides benefits by providing consumer reviews, directions, and “About Us” company facts. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each platform allows companies to better express their identity and at the same provide them with an avenue to connect in various ways with their audience. Through this multi-channel approach, a companies are able to meet their wants and at the same time meeting their consumers’ needs.

Audiences that are fully engaged audience are generally speaking, a satisfied audience, and an engaged brand is top of mind to its consumers.

  • 425 million devices in households connected to the Internet in the U.S.
  • 90 percent of American adults carry a cell phone.
  • 60 percent of them are smartphones.

Every consumer you’re targeting wants to connect and engage with your company on their terms. Again, it’s the successful brands that are adapting to their customers’ needs.

Unfortunately many businesses still don’t understand or recognize the surge in mobile users. By now, all websites should be mobile ready, all content should be mobile optimized, and apps should be able to work on both tablets and smartphones. Responsive websites are a must for businesses today. Your customers are searching for products and services every day from their smartphones and tablets. Be available to your consumers on the device they choose, and their sales will come to you.

In this competitive startup world, keeping abreast of evolving technologies is very important if you want to stay ahead of your completion. Unfortunately, businesses are not always listening. It probably doesn’t surprise you that only 1 out of 10 consumers believe that shopping in a store is more convenient than shopping online. However, only half of all brick and mortar businesses currently have a website.

Technology provides an enormous amount of opportunities today, but it’s nothing without human interaction. In a recent report, it was stated that 3 out of 4 businesses believe that social networking is important to their lead generation strategy. Additionally, 1 out of every 4 consumers that file a complaint to a company via social media expect a response from the company within an hour. Is your business capable of meeting these expectations?

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