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32 Useful Websites to Help you Learn Anything

When you consider the fact that Google currently has indexed more than 40 billion pages on the world wide web, it’s pretty amazing how effectively and quickly they are able to pull up search results for specific keywords .  However, sometimes trying to find basic information on the web can be a bit of a daunting tasks.  So, I decided to come up with a list of websites that could allow you within a couple of clicks find information on practically anything and everyone you ever wanted to know or learn.

All-Purpose Tutorials – Websites that offer a wide range of videos and tutorials.

  • LearnThat.comIncludes various categories such as business, finance, home repair, and technology, this website has plenty of classes for avid learners.
  • FindTutorials.comThis massive collection of tutorials contains listings for education, hobbies and many do-it-yourself projects.
  • Instructables A website that offers a wide range of video tutorials where users can display their valuable skills.
  • WikiversityWith thousands of free learning resources, this is a must resource.

Household Help –  Do you want to learn how to fix that clogged sink or install carpet, the sites below will assist you do it yourself items around your home.  Who knows you might even find a new hobby.

  • What the CraftThis website can easily help you create your own clothes or tons of home furnishings for around your home.
  • Easy2DIYAn excellent resource that can help you learn how to install carpet, repair that leaky faucet, and so much more!
  • ReadyMadeInterested in building things with your hands.  ReadyMade will help teach you to make things you never dreamed you would or could ever do before.
  • HowtopediaAnother site for those do-it-yourselfers.  This incredible website will assist you in convert your home and the environment a better place to live.

Business & Management Tips – Are you looking to improve your skill set in business management?  The below websites  can assist in learning the fundamentals necessary to kick start your career.

  • Leadership Training Tutorials Free tutorials that will help you become a leader.
  • Laynetworks Excellent tutorials can be found to assist anyone interested in refining their management skills.
  • Business BallsWhat a name right!  But this website provides great advice and info on improving your business and management skills.
  • Change ManagementHere you’ll find instructional materials to improve your skills in leadership and management.

Speaking & Writing – Have you ever wanted to learn a second language or expand your literature?  Below are some websites to use as your literary knowledge base.

  • Literature.orgThe extensive library of free material allows users to read up on practically any subject.
  • Bibliomania You will not only be able to read the classics but also get help understanding them.
  • American Sign Language Browser Interested in learning sign language?   This is a great resource to get hands moving.
  • Learn SpanishIn our global economy, the value of learning a second language is becoming more and more apparent.  This is the place to do it.

Technology –  Are you a techie or want-a-be techie.  These sites can bring out the geeky side of you.

  • How-to GeekUse this website to get your gadgets up and running.
  • Productivity Portfolio Short 5 minute lesson on the most popular programs such as Firefox and Outlook to help prevent you from looking like an old timer.
  •  InPictures:   Tutorials that include visual representations make this website a perfect resource for the visual learner.
  • GeekpediaOn this site you will find tutorials on just practically everything you ever wanted to know about the language of programming.

Math & Science – Learn more about the miraculous world around you from its chemical make-up to the processes going on within your body.  Have you struggled to understand mathematical concepts?  These websites offer assistance and instructions regardless what level you’re on.

  • MathVids Do you learn better with videos?  This website will be a great resource for a variety of math issues.
  • Math Cracker Learn about the basics of algebra to the intricacies of calculus with an assortment of helpful tutorials.
  • Inner Body Interested in learning about your body? Learn how that French fry  is clogging your arteries.
  • The Why Files Would you like to learn more about everyday science? This is a great website to answer that science question.

Imagination & Creativity – These websites can be your go-to-sites for learning learn music, the arts, and the amazing digital world we live in today.

  • Photography MentorSignup to receive educational videos for computers, digital photography and smart phones.
  • Music TheoryRicci Adams teaches the basics of music theory and notation with lessons and tutorials on this site.
  • Duey’s DrawingsEver wanted to become a better artist?  This instructional site provides lessons to improve your drawing and painting skills.
  • Video-TutesShooting and editing videos can be a snap with the instructional tutorials on this site.

History –  Below is a list of educational resources about history that contain photos and lessons on any number of topics about our past.

  • Archive.orgOne of the best websites on the internet for quickly information.  Its lives up to its tagline of “Universal Access to All Knowledge”.
  • Library of CongressDigitally archived exhibits, documents, manuscripts and photos, this website has a wealth of great information to learn more about American history.
  • Digital HistoryAn array of digitized historical information to make learning easy and more importantly… fun.
  • U.S. Census BureauAre you a numbers person?  This website has statistics on practically everything about Americans.

Go ahead and bookmark this page to gain quick access to everything and anything you ever wanted to know.

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