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April 2014 - Orleans Marketing Group

#myNYPD Twitter Hashtag – Photo Request Backfires – Guess Why?

Social media is an unbelievably powerful marketing tool, but yesterday’s NYPD’s Twitter campaign is a great example of how social media can quickly backfire if you have critics and create a campaign that lacks control. The NYPD social media marketing team had all the right intentions to create some positive PR by asking its Twitter

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SEO Basics – Don’t Get Distracted

In today’s rapidly changing digital world it’s so easy for marketers to get distracted. It seems like new innovative channels are popping up daily. These new and exciting channels can be incredible tools, but unfortunately they also can be real distractions responsible for deflecting marketers away from the fundamental, time tested (SEO) Search Engine Optimization

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OMG! Must See Video – #Socialnomics 2014

Erik Qualman’s #Socialnomics 2014 is the fifth version of the most watched video series on Social Media. Qualman is a #1 best selling author and keynote speaker on digital leadership. The video was produced by Equalman Studios and the source data for the statistics in the video is available in the book Socialnomics which is

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