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September 2013 - Orleans Marketing Group

OMG Marketing, LLC Launches New Website for Suncoast Premier Medical

Orlando, FL | September 27, 2013: OMG! Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of the newly created website solution for Suncoast Premier Medical. Suncoast Premier Medical | Clermont, FL 34714 | (407) 347-6668 www.SuncoastPremierMedical.com Suncoast Premier Medical is an internal medicine practice committed to providing quality, compassionate and attentive healthcare. Suncoast Premier Medical has

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YouTube comments powered by Google+

Anyone who has spent time on YouTube has seen the tremendous amount of senseless chatter from trolls in the comments section of videos. To combat this growing problem, the massive video-sharing giant is rolling out a new commenting system. Today Youtube, who is has been owned by Google since 2006 announced, “in the coming months,

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Facebook Insights Gets a Facelift

Up until recently, the vast majority of useful measurable data was only available via Facebook’s clumsy, difficult-to-navigate spreadsheet files that often buried key metrics. Fortunately, about a month ago Facebook Insights received a facelift.  The greatest benefit for Social Media Marketing managers is that Facebook now provides data that is presented in simple, easy to

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32 Useful Websites to Help you Learn Anything

When you consider the fact that Google currently has indexed more than 40 billion pages on the world wide web, it’s pretty amazing how effectively and quickly they are able to pull up search results for specific keywords .  However, sometimes trying to find basic information on the web can be a bit of a

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Story Bumping on Facebook

A little more than a month ago, Facebook altered its algorithm EdgeRank enabling stories that obtain more comments, likes and shares to be “bumped” to the top of the news feed. Facebook Story Bumping has already been integrated into virtually all of its desktop users and is currently being revised for its mobile users. How

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