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August 2011 - Orleans Marketing Group

5 Basic Link Building Tips for Improving SEO

The process of amplifying a website’s visibility or page ranking organically via search engines may be constantly changing in today’s digital world, however there are a few elements of SEO where the old adage, “the more things change the more they remain the same”, applies. Link Building, which has been around since the inception of

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Social media is driving online activity

Social media (Web 2.0) is busy driving online activity. Social media optimization (SMO) is becoming increasingly important as more businesses are taking advantage of social media to promote their services or products, and at the same time building brand authority for their name. According to Facebook stats, there’s more than 750 million active users on

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Can the Mood on Twitter be used to Predict the Stock Market?

There are many stock market insiders that strongly believe there is some kind of correlation between the stock market fluctuations and the overall mood of the ~100 million users on Twitter. Now, there is research to support that belief. Over the past few years researchers have been looking into what is called the “mental state

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Major Privacy Changes Coming August 25th to Your Facebook Account

The social media giant has announced a major change as to how users will control their privacy on Facebook. Among the changes, items posted online will each have their own sharing settings. This will enable users to determine who can view them. It is widely known that Facebook has been largely criticized for burying privacy settings in their

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Tweets rumbled faster than the Earthquakes Tremors

Less than a few hours ago a 5.9 magnitude earthquake rocked Virginia causing buildings to mildly shake across the eastern seaboard. Astonishingly, a minute later tweets and posts began streaming in from all over the east coast several minutes before any news agency was able to report the quake. This has to be the quickest

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