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July 2010 - Orleans Marketing Group


What is podcasting? Most people think that podcasting is used exclusively for the distribution of music files, however this would be a very narrow-minded definition. The best definition that I could find for “podcasting” comes from a research firm at the University of Texas in Austin. Their definition of podcasting is in four individual elements.

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Slideshow: Mobile Marketing Trends 2010

Created by Brad Beckstrom, Founder and Managing Partner of Apollo Bravo [slideshare id=3135301&doc=mobilemarketing2010-100211103505-phpapp02] To learn more about the OMG team and the services we provide contact us today. OMG Internet Marketing | Web Development P.O. Box 1597 Winter Park, FL 32790 Toll-Free: (866) 906-4056 Contact OMG

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Web Presence

How would you define a successful web presence? It’s a question I’ve asked prospective clients hundreds of times and I’m sure it’s no surprise that the answers I receive vary greatly.  More sales, new leads, added traffic, greater exposure, more impressions, are some of more common answers, but at the core they all want the

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Blog, Blogger, and Blogging

I’m sure even in 2010 not everyone fully understands what it is to create a blog, be a blogger, or to start blogging. So, I suppose I need to start by defining the word blog. Wiki tells us, in so many words that it can be defined as: online entries (commonly referred to as posts in the blog

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