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Fact Check now available in Google Search and News around the world

Google was built to help people find useful information by surfacing the great content that publishers and sites create. This access to high-quality information is what drives people to use the web and for contributors to continue to engage and invest in it. However, with thousands of new articles published online every minute of every

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NORAD vs. GOOGLE: Which Santa Tracker Jingles Bells?

Flying Under the Radar is out of the question nowadays for Santa Claus! Santa Claus is coming to town and what a better way to see what he’s up to then to track him! It’s the final countdown until Christmas Eve. Only 8 more days until Ho! Ho! Ho! in the big red suit will

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What’s New with Facebook Search?

For the last half decade Facebook and Google have been competing to provide the highest ad relevancy and to attract business customers.  Yesterday, Facebook announced that there are now over 1.5 billion searches per day and have more than 2 trillion posts in their index.   These enormous numbers should significantly intensify the battle between the

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Google’s Identity Change

Over the past 17 years Google has seen its share of changes and recently its been more of the same.   On August 10th Google unveiled a massive restructuring of the company and today Google has introduced a new logo. ‘New’ may be a bit strong, since the logo is still a wordmark and actually looks

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Do I Need a Mobile Friendly Website?

Over the past few years we have been tirelessly preaching to marketers and business owners alike, the significance of having not just a website, but one that is considered “mobile-friendly” by Google. See the article I wrote last month which helps explain why Google Ranks Responsive Web Design Higher. There are several reasons why every

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Google Ranks Responsive Web Design Higher

It should go without saying that more and more people are using the mobile devices to access the internet. Well, for the past few years Google has been making minor adjustments to its algorithms to help improve the mobile search experience so that it adequately matches the needs of mobile users. Recently Google announced that

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Google Penguin 3.0 Algorithm Has Finally Arrived!

Late Friday night, a small percentage of websites were experiencing an unusual and radical change in its Google’s search results. Immediately, it was speculated that this event was directly attributed to the highly anticipated large scale release of the Google Penguin algorithm update. After anxiously waiting for more than a year, it is now official

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Awesome Google Search Tips and Tricks

If you’re like most Googlers you haven’t even scratched the surface when comes to searching on Google. You might even think you’re an expert, but I doubt you know every shortcut, tip or trick within their search bar. Below I’ve come up with a dozen simple Google tips to help save time and you just

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Pretty Cool New Feature in Google Maps which Provides Precise Distances

This week Google launched a pretty cool update to Google Maps that enables users to measure the precise distance between 2 or more of points on a map. Google announced this new feature on their Google+ page Tuesday afternoon stating, “Perfectionists, rejoice! The new #GoogleMaps for desktop lets you click and drag to measure your

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SEO Basics – Don’t Get Distracted

In today’s rapidly changing digital world it’s so easy for marketers to get distracted. It seems like new innovative channels are popping up daily. These new and exciting channels can be incredible tools, but unfortunately they also can be real distractions responsible for deflecting marketers away from the fundamental, time tested (SEO) Search Engine Optimization

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