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What’s New with Facebook Search?

For the last half decade Facebook and Google have been competing to provide the highest ad relevancy and to attract business customers.  Yesterday, Facebook announced that there are now over 1.5 billion searches per day and have more than 2 trillion posts in their index.   These enormous numbers should significantly intensify the battle between the

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Why do we keep falling for the same Facebook Privacy Hoax

Were you one of the Facebook users to recently post the notice to your Facebook timeline proclaiming copyright ownership of all your content? If so, don’t feel too bad, you weren’t alone. In fact, millions of users fell for it… again. Yes, it’s a hoax. What’s amazing is that it’s basically the same hoax that

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Facebook Insights Gets a Facelift

Up until recently, the vast majority of useful measurable data was only available via Facebook’s clumsy, difficult-to-navigate spreadsheet files that often buried key metrics. Fortunately, about a month ago Facebook Insights received a facelift.  The greatest benefit for Social Media Marketing managers is that Facebook now provides data that is presented in simple, easy to

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Story Bumping on Facebook

A little more than a month ago, Facebook altered its algorithm EdgeRank enabling stories that obtain more comments, likes and shares to be “bumped” to the top of the news feed. Facebook Story Bumping has already been integrated into virtually all of its desktop users and is currently being revised for its mobile users. How

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Top 5 Tips for Your New Facebook Timeline Business Page

Ok, so Facebook has decided to rock our world … AGAIN. Are you among the many businesses that have been caught off guard by Facebook’s change to the new timeline? In Facebook’s defense, they did warn us in advance. But they actually changed it today. At this point complaining about it does no good so

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Today Facebook is Expected to Launch Timeline to Brands

According to reports, today Facebook is planning to launch in beta to select brands its new timeline format at its fMC event, which is a conference for marketers in New York. The new ad product was accidentally leaked in an email containing a complete slideshow of the new ad features and expected benefits. Most marketers

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An Insight into Facebook Insights

Last week, Facebook unveiled their new and updated Facebook Pages Insight, which now has a cleaner interface and more detailed metrics. In addition to the Insights page there are four additional sub-pages which consist of Likes, Reach, Talking About This, and Check-Ins. Insights There are four important metrics in Facebook Insights. They are Total Likes,

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Facebook Accounts for 72% of All Social Network Advertising!

According to eMarketer, Facebook will generate nearly $5.8 billion in advertising revenues in 2012, which equates to 72% of the entire social network advertising spend estimated at $8 billion. In the U.S. alone revenues are projected to escalate to $3.9 billion (+ 42%) in 2012 and $4.8 billion (+ 23.%) in 2013. By year’s end,

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Backlash runs rampant as Facebook revamps its news feed

Today, Facebook launched a new version of its news feed. The update separates top stores and recent posts into separate columns as well as adding a new ticker type column with live updates from friends. It appears this is an attempt to resemble Twitter’s real-time messages and updates. Unfortunately for Facebook, these changes have unleashed

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FREE Advertising $$ – New Facebook Opportunity for Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner and interested in advertising on Facebook? It appears that Facebook will be launching a new advertising promotion next week geared directly for small business owners. Apparently, the social media giant will offer $50 in advertising credits at no charge to some 200K small businesses starting next week. Facebook is

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