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January 2013 - Orleans Marketing Group

OMG Marketing, LLC Launches New Website for Freedom Small Business Solutions

Winter Park, FL Nov 13, 2012: OMG Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of the newly created website for FreedomBSB.com. Freedom Small Business Solutions |1016 E. Osceola Parkway Kissimmee, FL 34744 Freedom Small Business Solutions (FreedomSBS) is marketing, graphic & web design, accounting, internet marketing, business development, and corporate law resource firm all in

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Privacy Differences between Google and Facebook Surface

It’s not that common for Facebook to hold press conferences, so when Facebook Founder and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg speaks to journalists, they listen. To the journalists delight, Zuckerberg also has shown that he’s willing to speak outside his script, which usually brings out the most intriguing and informative comments. On Tuesday, the 28-year old

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Facebook Introduces Graph Search

Up until now Facebook’s search tool has been very simple and very limited. Enter the name of a person or a business and it locates their Facebook page. That’s about it. However, yesterday Facebook launched an improved new search tool called Graph Search. This sophisticated new search tool which is now in Beta will search

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